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Super NES Classic Edition Sells Over 2 Million Worldwide

Nintendo is riding high on the success of its classic mini system releases. It learned from its mistakes last year and increased production of its latest retro console: the Super NES Classic Edition. Although it’s still virtually sold out across the country, Nintendo is continuing to make more to hopefully satisfy demand.



The company revealed that it has shipped over 2 million units worldwide. Breakdown for region was not supplied, but this is a big step forward in meeting demand. Nintendo expects to attract lapsed gamers with the classic games present on the small device. They’re hopeful some consumers will make the leap from the SNES Classic to the Switch to experience more games from Nintendo.



As has been announced already, the NES Classic Edition will resume production next year. No timeframe was given during this presentation, but they had said summer of 2018, so we assume it’s still on track to come back out then.



[Source: Nintendo]

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