Snipperclips Getting Pro Controller Support

IGN sat down with the developers of Snipperclips, SFB Games, to talk about their upcoming expansion of sorts: Snipperclips Plus. This game is coming to retail for $29.99 and those that have already purchased the regular edition digitally can upgrade for $9.99 on the eShop to get all of the new worlds and content.

One thing that stood out is that the developers are finally adding in support for the Pro Controller as well as utilizing two Joy-Cons at the same time in the Switch Grip. Before the game only allowed you to use a single Joy-Con, so this is a nice improvement that honestly has taken longer than expected to remedy. According to Nintendo’s Assistant Manager of Product Development, Todd Buechele:


“It will actually be a default in Snipperclips Plus, and then we are releasing a patch for Snipperclips next week that will bring Pro Controller and Grip support to all players who have already downloaded the game. It’s a free update, so that capability will be there very soon.”


Good news! More options is always a plus.


[Source: IGN]


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