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Details On Resident Evil Revelations Collection

Arriving on November 28 for $39.99, Resident Evil Revelations Collection will include the first Revelations game on the cartridge and the sequel as a digital code that must be downloaded from the eShop. We’ve learned some new details about the game via a summary on Go Nintendo:


– Revelations 1 and 2 are based on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions
– Joy-Con support with motion control and HD Rumble
– Joy-Con share play is only available in Revelations 2
– all DLC is already included from the start
– supports multiple languages in both voice and text
– local co-op
– Revelations features a 1080p resolution when playing on a television, and 720p resolution in portable mode
– Revelations is 60fps
– by holding ZL on the Joy-Con, you can aim your gun with the right Joy-Con’s motion control
– use the left Joy-Con as a magazine to simulate a reloading motion
– other motion controls include slashing horizontally to simulate a knife attack, and swinging for a quick reload
– motion controls are optional and can be set to on or off from the options settings
– motion controls are not supported with the Pro Controller
– classic controls are also available
– HD Rumble allows for more detailed and complex vibrations, meaning new kinds of rumble not available in PS4/XB1 versions
– Revelations 2 also runs at 1080p when playing on a television
– Revelations 2 is not 60fps
– due to the fewer buttons available when sharing Joy-Con, the developers have said that it will have a unique control scheme


This article was originally posted on Inside Games and translated by Nintendo Everything.


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