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Bandai Namco Increasing Support For Nintendo Switch

Although we don’t have any specific game announcements thus far, it’s encouraging to see another third party owning up to a lack of content on the Switch and reversing gears to throw more resources at it. Bandai Namco had its financial results meeting and the company President, Mistuaki Taguchi, announced that from spring to summer of 2018 they will announce three big games for the Nintendo Switch. This information comes from Takashi Mochizuki of The Wall Street Journal.

Apparently the company was surprised by how well the Switch has been selling and admits that it may have missed some early opportunities. Keep in mind they have supported the system better than some third parties have to date (we’re looking at you EA) and have three games released so far for the system. We do know that there’s supposed to be a Tales game coming to the system, although at this point it’s unclear if it would be a port of an existing game or an entirely new title. We’re anxious to hear more and are happy to see more third party support from the big publishers!


[Source: Silicon Era]


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