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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Direct

During today’s Nintendo Direct focusing on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, we learned some important new details. The first announcement came fast: you can play the game with Japanese voice overs and English subtitles via a free day one DLC patch. Of course you can still play the game with English voices if that’s your preference.



We also got a glimpse of early game story. It appears your main character Rex is killed, stabbed in the back and is somehow revived. Your goal is to make it to the land of Elysium. At the end of the Japanese trailer we meet a new Blade named Mythra, who is the alter ego of your normal Blade Pyra.



Also announced during the Direct was post-game content. There will be an Expansion Pass that will include new content from the game’s launch through fall of 2018. These include things like support items, new quests for the main game, new rare Blade, new challenge battle mode, and a brand new story and adventure. It will cost $29.99 and you won’t be able to purchase the DLC individually in parts, you need the entire pass to get the content.

The game and Expansion Pass will be available for pre-load today via the eShop. If you’re into physical games, it will be made available on December 1 and a Special Edition is available as well at select retailers, which includes some extra goodies.

Nintendo had one more surprise to announce. On November 9th a new side quest will available in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It will allow you to obtain Rex’s outfit for Link to wear. Not a bad way to cross promote Xenoblade Chronicles 2!




You can watch the entire Direct below:



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