Illumination May Be Creating Super Mario Bros. Animated Film

One of the more successful animated film franchises over the past few years has been the Despicable Me movies. The production company, Illumination, is said to be in close to an agreement with Nintendo to create an animated movie set in the Super Mario Bros. universe. The last time Mario was in the theaters was way back in 1993 with the god-awful live-action Super Mario Bros. movie starring John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the most difficult part in the negotiations between the two parties has been trying to accommodate Nintendo so they feel can be involved at a high enough level to influence the creative process. It’s likely Mr. Miyamoto would want to be a part of the creative team and could even be a producer on the movie.

Illumination’s films have been released by Universal Pictures, and this could be one more key to the puzzle. If you recall, Nintendo has teamed up with Universal Parks to create new theme park areas at its parks across the world. So far the negotiations continue, so if they do decide to move forward with the project it probably won’t be ready for release any time soon.


[Source: Wall Street Journal]


Craig Majaski

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