More Details On Super Nintendo World At Universal Orlando

According to Orlando ABC affiliate WFTV, Super Nintendo World at Universal Orlando has more going on with it than first thought. Originally the new land was supposed to take over the Kids’ Zone section. The reporters have taken a look at building permits for the park and have discovered that the plans call for a Super Mario Land, complete with a Donkey Kong section and a Mario Kart section. This would take up about 8.8 acres of the park, with the majority going to Donkey Kong (4.7 acres) and Mario Kart at 1.76 acres. These sections of the park line up with some of the patents leaked last year.



Sources have told ABC that plans are in the works to continuously add more Nintendo attractions, not only at Universal Orlando, but also at its other theme park, Islands of Adventure. In addition, Universal has just purchased another 500 acres of land on the other side of I-4 and it’s possible more Nintendo attractions could be placed in that new development. The goal may be to spread the Nintendo love throughout the entirety of its theme park locations to get the biggest bang for their buck and to promote the partnership. It’s also possible that there could be ride tie-ins with the supposed new Illuminations feature film that could star Mario and his friends.



It’s possible that the initial parts of the project will take about three years to build. Right now the Universal Tokyo location is scheduled to open in 2020, but no word on official openings for the Orlando location.


[Sources: WFTV ABC & Go Nintendo]


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