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Dragon Quest Builders Draws Near February 9

Nintendo is beginning to fill in its spring 2018 lineup of games. We already know that Kirby Star Allies is slated to come out this spring. Bayonetta 2 (which comes with Bayonetta 1 code in the retail copies) will hit stores on February 16. Now it’s been announced that Dragon Quest Builders will arrive one week before on February 9.

Nintendo has been on a roll ever since it launched the Switch this past March. It has maintained a steady stream of software and all eyes are on them to see if they can continue this trend throughout 2018. So far it looks like they’re off to a good start!



Adding another great third-party game to its ever-growing library, Dragon Quest Buildersfrom Square Enix will launch for Nintendo Switch on Feb. 9. This charming game offers a new experience in the classic Dragon Quest series, allowing players to reconstruct towns using gathered building materials, fight monsters in real-time battles and meet memorable characters throughout a sprawling RPG. And just like every game on Nintendo Switch, this constructive adventure can be played at home or on the go.

Dragon Quest Builders features a large world to explore, including hidden treasures to discover and epic structures to build. Players can use their creativity to fulfill characters’ requests and build incredible towns using not only fun materials, but also their imaginations. In Terra Incognita – the game’s free-build mode – players can even upload their creations online, or download buildings made by other players.

Playing Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch will offer players experiences and items exclusive to this version of the game. This includes the ability to gather rare crafting materials and battle enemies while riding the powerful (and adorable) Great Sabrecub, as well as additional crafting options for more robust building customization options.

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