Bravely Default Twitter Account Ignites Speculation Of Possible Switch Release

It’s always fascinating to see a single image tweeted by a company ignite a firestorm of speculation. In what could totally be a completely innocent holiday greeting, the official Bravely Default twitter account posted the following:



Now, what’s interesting here is that she is holding a pair of Joy-Con controllers and a Nintendo Switch is in her stocking. This has led some on the internet to speculate that a game in the Bravely Default series is coming to the Switch in some fashion. Some think perhaps a remake could be in the works or a compilation of the first and second titles. The real dreamers are hoping for a new third entry in the series.

We agree that having this series come to the Switch would be great and honestly it would probably be the next logical step if Square Enix is going to continue with the franchise. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to hear more on the topic if there is indeed a title in the works.


Craig Majaski

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