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64 GB Switch Game Cards Delayed Until 2019

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo has delayed its rollout of higher capacity game cards until 2019. The company had originally scheduled the 64 GB model to arrive in the second half of 2018. According to reports, Nintendo is having technical issues with the larger media and will be pushing back the distribution.

This will no doubt have an impact on some of the larger games that could have possibly been scheduled to arrive in late 2018. Of course publishers could just opt for a smaller card and have the customer download the remaining parts of the game – much like NBA 2K18 and L.A. Noire currently do.

It’s unknown if this will have a major impact on third party relations or not at this point. Keep in mind that all of Nintendo’s major first party efforts have fit onto a 16 GB card thus far. Then again, western developers are used to having 50 GB to work with on competing systems. Only time will tell if this bottleneck becomes a dealbreaker or not.


[Source: The Wall Street Journal]


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