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Nintendo Switch Overtakes Wii U Lifetime Sales In Japan

The Switch is selling like crazy in Japan now that supplies have finally been increased in that country. Since launch it’s been difficult for Japanese gamers to get their hands on the new system. With the latest numbers in from Famitsu, the Switch has now sold about the same or slightly more than the Wii U did in its entire lifespan in that country! Keep in mind the Switch has only been on the market since March 3 of this year. Selling 3.3 million so quickly bodes well for the system’s longevity.

Another interesting comparison comes from Nintendo Soup. They’ve analyzed the first ten months of the PS2 and Switch launches (both launched in March of their respective years) and found that the Switch has sold more than the PS2 did in the same time period. At first the PS2 was well ahead, selling 300,000 more than Switch did in its launch month. However, Sony’s supply became increasingly constrained heading into the holiday season, whereas the opposite happened with the Switch. The end result is that Switch sold 3,258,083 (through Dec. 24 – they still have one week of sales to add on) and the PS2 sold 3,016,622 by the end of its launch year. Given that the PS2 went on to become the best selling console of all time, the Switch is holding its own in Japan – for now!


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