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Amazon Fuels January Nintendo Direct Rumor

If history has shown us anything, it’s that we’re most likely getting a Nintendo Direct this month. Nintendo likes to mark the new year with new game announcements and usually assigns its first quarter games release dates. Last month a supposed leak from EA confirmed Fe would be shown in a January presentation from Nintendo as well.

Over the New Year’s holiday Amazon put up 18 spots for new Switch games (and since removed them). The icon used was the same they put up last January for the Switch unveiling event. Some of the games this go-round were priced at $59.99 and other at $99.99, leading some to speculate that Nintendo would be announcing collector’s editions for some of its upcoming game lineup. While we wouldn’t be shocked to see at least 18 games featured in a Nintendo Direct – remember that there are plenty of digital games coming to the platform on a weekly basis – we doubt there will be 18 new retail games ready to go for pre-order, but who knows!

The most recent rumors point to the Nintendo Direct airing on Thursday, January 11 – but we haven’t heard a peep from Nintendo on the subject just yet. This is normal though, they often don’t announce the date for an upcoming Nintendo Direct until mere days before it airs. Regardless, we’re extremely excited to see what Nintendo has ready to show for the Switch and we expect to learn more about its already announced games, such as Kirby: Star Allies and the new Yoshi game in development.


Craig Majaski

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