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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Version 1.2.0 Update Details

The latest update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is live. Some fixes have been implemented allowing certain quests to be completable no matter how far the player has progressed in the main story. Some voiced segments in menus can now be skipped as well. Check out the full version 1.2.0 update below:


Version 1.2.0
– Fixed an issue in which parts set to a specific Skill RAM failed to provide their intended effects.
– Adjusted the Gormott regular quest “The Riddle on the Wall” to make it completable regardless of player progression in the main story.
– Adjusted Finch’s Blade Quest “Birds of a Feather” to make it completable regardless of player progression in the main story.
– Fixed an issue in Agate’s Blade Quest “Precious Yearnings” preventing quest progression.
– Added functionality to allow players to receive the first round of quests and the second round of items associated with the Expansion Pass.
– Voiced segments in menus can now be skipped with the A or B button.


If you have the Expansion Pass, you also get:

– 10 Rare Core Crystals
– 1 Legendary Core Crystal
– 1 Overdrive Protocol
– 3 Juicy Samod (Tora’s favorite)
– 3 Fizz Juice (Poppi a’s favorite)
– 1 Auto Balancer

And the following quests (official English names TBA):

– The Artisan’s Suffering (from chapter 2)
– The Nopon who Went Missing (from chapter 3)
– Abandoned Factory Exploration Tour (from chapter 5)
– Dining Hall at Late Night (from chapter 7)
– Scout Soldier (from chapter 10)


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