Miitomo Final Thank You Festival

As we reported a short while ago, Miitomo is coming to an end on May 9, 2018. Nintendo is preparing some special events so players can continue having fun until the very end. They are upping the daily login bonus so users will get 2000 Miitomo coins and 5 game tickets once per day. The coins can no longer be purchased with real funds.

A new Miifoto Event is now open where you can share your favorite memories on Twitter. The questions being asked in the game are also reflective in nature and will center around favorite memories.

Will you miss this app when it’s gone? While I was a hardcore user of it for about a month, the apps slowly lost relevance as my friends stopped using it and it became boring. Hopefully Nintendo has taken all of the lessons it learned and will continue to improve its mobile offerings.


[Source: Miitomo Site]


Craig Majaski

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