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Soccer Slammers Scores On Switch Soon

Game maker Atooi is bringing Soccer Slammers to the Switch in time for the World Cup (so expect it by summer). Jools Watsham has detailed some of the trials and tribulations with publishing games, their latest being Mutant Mudds Collection on the Switch. His latest blog entry is worth a read to see the amount of effort that can go into releasing a game on the system, only to have it sell less than hoped.



The team has Soccer Slammers on the way as well as the forever-in-development Treasurenauts. Jools talks briefly about the soccer game:

We have a new previously unannounced game that will be coming out in time for the World Cup! WHAT!? I know, right!! It is a fun side project that we’ve been kicking around for a while now (pun intended). It’s an arcade soccer game, called Soccer Slammers. Taking inspiration from NBA Jam, Soccer Slammers is a 2-on-2 arcade soccer experience focused on fast, fun gameplay for Nintendo Switch.

We’ll be bringing Soccer Slammers to GDC to show it off to anyone who’s interested. ūüôā

Treasurenauts will be appearing at E3. It’s his most ambitious and best platformer he’s worked on thus far, so we’re excited to give that one a go when it finally arrives!


[Source: Jools Watsham]


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