Ability To Add Wii Points Stopping Soon Due To Wii Shop Closure Next Year

If you still own a Wii and were thinking of purchasing digital items off of the Wii Shop, you better get to it soon. Exactly one year from today, on January 30, 2019 the shop closes forever. In preparation for that event, Nintendo is disabling the ability to add Wii Points to your account on March 26, 2018. In other words, if you’re wanting to buy something from the Wii Shop, you’d best do so soon!


In preparation for the closure of the Wii Shop on January 30, 2019, we will be removing the ability to add Wii Points with either a credit card or a Wii Points Card on March 26, 2018 at 1:00 PM (PT). If you’d like to purchase Wii Points, please do so before this functionality is removed. Once you’ve added Wii Points, you can redeem them for Wii Shop content until the Wii Shop closes. For more information on the closure of the Wii Shop, please visit https://support.nintendo.com/wii/shopnews.

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It’s always sad to see a service end!


[Source: Nintendo]


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