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Nintendo Officially Gives “Pokémon RPG For Nintendo Switch” A “2018 Or Later” Release Date

Buried in the Supplementary Information section of its latest Earnings Release is a release date schedule for upcoming games from Nintendo. Typically there aren’t any big surprises here, as Nintendo usually only shares information on games that have already been announced. This is the case this time as well, but a couple of things caught our attention.

First up is Pokémon RPG for the Nintendo Switch (a temporary name to be sure) has a release date of 2018 or later. That tells us that Nintendo still isn’t sure if it will make it out this year, but they’re obviously hopeful that it could. If we look at other games like Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 (also a temporary name…hmm) they show TBA as release dates.

Although not shown in the recent Nintendo Direct Mini, we get confirmation that Yoshi (again a temporary name) is still scheduled to come out sometime in 2018. The same goes for Project Octopath Traveler and Fire Emblem.

Obviously all release dates are subject to change and no doubt some will slip. Plus, we’re 100 percent sure there are still some surprise game announcements that will make it out this year as well. Check the schedule out for yourself below!



[Source: Nintendo]


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