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Nintendo Labo Lets You Make Your Own Creations With Toy-Con Garage

As is typical when Nintendo unveils a new game, there’s more than meets the eye with Nintendo Labo. For those that don’t already know, Nintendo Labo is a new way to interact with the Nintendo Switch using special Toy-Cons – special pieces of cardboard that can be assembled into various objects and will utilize the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and screen to perform amazing feats.



While Nintendo has shown off two Toy-Con sets so far, they revealed that users will be able to create anything they like with their own cardboard and imagination. That’s because Nintendo Labo contains a feature called Toy-Con Garage, which is accessible from the game’s main menu. From here, it’s up to the player to devise special actions and reactions via the Switch touchscreen. This will allow for an unlimited amount of ideas to flow forth through cardboard creations.

To start, it might be easiest to modify existing programs for use elsewhere. For example, in the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit there is the ability to create the RC Cars, which are normally controlled via the Switch touchscreen. However, Nintendo showed that users could instead create the motorbike handlebars and use that setup to control the RC cars as well. In fact, players will be able to edit and create new functions to make new inventions, making Nintendo Labo a sort of edutainment product in the process.



At a New York press event attended by Polygon, Nintendo showed that players will be able to customize actions and create new things out of their own cardboard. They showed off a guitar made out of cardboard that could create music notes and the Switch could even turn those sounds into other sounds depending on which string is strummed. A trailer was shown with creations like a vending machine, a working bank, and even a two-player table tennis game. Hopefully Nintendo releases that trailer to the public to show off some of this ingenuity.

We already thought that Nintendo Labo would open the door wide open for people to use it in unforeseen ways. Now that we know the game comes equipped with the Toy-Con Garage program, there’s no doubt that there will be a wide array of really awesome projects hitting YouTube. We can’t wait to see what people come up with!


[Source: Polygon]


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