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Ridge Racer 8 & Metroid Prime 4 Rumored To Be In Development At Bandai Namco

During last year’s E3 presentation, Nintendo surprised everyone with a Metroid Prime 4 announcement for the Nintendo Switch. Although they only showed a logo, it was enough to get many gamers (including us) incredibly hyped for the next game in the series.

While details have remained scarce surrounding the upcoming game, it was confirmed that a new studio was at the helm – leaving us to wonder what the heck Retro has been up to for the past couple of years. Of course rumors swirled and over the past few months one that seemed to gain some traction was that Bandai Namco was involved in some manner with Metroid Prime 4. This wasn’t too far fetched because Nintendo has an excellent relationship with them. They teamed up recently with the latest Super Smash Bros. games after all. But a fighting game is one thing (and something Namco has intimate knowledge with), but a first person adventure game? That seemed a little outside their wheelhouse.

Then yesterday another clue was found on LinkedIn, where someone’s resume of projects included an “Unannounced IP (First Person Shooter/Adventure Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch)”. First person adventure game, you say? That phrase isn’t thrown around with any other franchise except Metroid Prime. Supposedly the team could be made up of some of the folks who worked on the cancelled Star Wars 1313 project as well. The plot thickens!

Another listing on LinkedIn shows the developer outing Ridge Racer 8 which is a “drift-based high speed car racing exclusive to the Nintendo Switch”. This isn’t too outrageous either since we know that Bandai Namco has at least three big exclusives planned for the platform, and Ridge Racer isn’t shy about being exclusive to a system (Ridge Racer 6 on Xbox 360 and the portable versions on PSP and Vita).

When all is said and done, all of this is just rumor at this point. There seems to be some very plausible ideas put forth and we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this is all true. Equally we wouldn’t be shocked to find out it’s all a big lie. What do you think?


[Source: ResetEra]


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