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An Update On The Development Of Battle Princess Madelyn

Nintendo Life has reached out the Casual Bit Games to find out how development on Battle Princess Madelyn is progressing. Remember, this game is very much in the vein of Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts and frankly looks pretty awesome. Chris Obritsch answered some questions:


You released a demo on PC, how has the response been from players?

Outstanding – the feedback was invaluable. We were even surprised by people complimenting how our Pre-Alpha is so polished already! Some heavy changes have been made for tuning since we did that build. Controls are much snappier, and collisions are working properly when attacking enemies below you. Madelyn has additional jumping animations, and bugs reported have been fixed, of course!

Did much of the feedback lead to notable changes in the game?

Two big feedback changes we did were notable. The first being the ability to jump onto ladders from the ground – this actually allowed for some neat gameplay in the mid to later levels of jumping between ladders and over deadly obstacles. Another was shooting from ladders. We originally had 4 way shooting from ladders but it made the game way too easy. We opted to leave in the ability to shoot left and right but not up and down. It just felt wrong… almost sloppy.

When can we expect the game to launch?

The Feb release was just because we had to set a date for Kickstarter, and without hitting the Stretch goals, this was a very possible target. However, it’s always just been an open Q1 2018. Though as of the end of January we decided to hold back on that to polish the game a bit more. We had a few snags in the last few months with things being passed to us a little after their deadlines which while not major, still delays other parts of development.


Go to Nintendo Life to read the full interview, which contains more great information! We look forward to playig this one sometime this year.



[Source: Nintendo Life]


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