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VIDEOS: Japanese Nintendo Labo Overview Videos

Nintendo Labo arrives on April 20. We’ve seen a lot of on-hand impressions and trailers. Now NCL has put out some overview trailers in Japanese that give a better look at the Labo experience. We get a better look at Labo Garage where you will be able to create your own Labo items with cardboard around the house – providing you can program the commands into the Switch nodes. Some examples shown include a working bank and a guitar. We also get a much more extensive look at the Robot Kit. There are challenge modes, customization options and even a one-on-one fighting mode (providing you have two sets of Joy-Con controllers and 2 Robot Labo Kits). Which cardboard creation are you most excited to build?

You can also watch the English versions of these trailers on the official Nintendo Labo web site. Just scroll to the bottom of the main page.





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