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Nintendo Switch Japanese Sales Triple PS4’s First Year

We now have finalized data for the entire first year of Nintendo Switch hardware sales in Japan. According to Media Create, Japanese gamers bought up 3,802,910 systems from March 3 of 2017 through March 4 of 2018. That’s a lot of gaming systems, and keep in mind the system was often in short supply.

By comparison the PlayStation 4’s first year of sales amounted to 1,143,542 units sold. Yikes! Of course it has to be mentioned that the PS4 didn’t really have any must-have games at launch (no Knack doesn’t count) and has had a slow burn since then. In addition, Japan is big into handheld devices and since the Switch is a hybrid, it has that going in its favor.

If you’re wondering where they both sit for total numbers in Japan, the PS4 has amassed 6,511,985 systems sold – with solid games like Dragon Quest XI and Monster Hunter World pushing sales higher. The Switch is just shy of 4 million (we mentioned above: 3,802,910). If Nintendo can keep the Switch hype rolling and the good games flowing, the gap could decrease even more this year. Time will tell.


[Source: Dual Shockers]


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