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Kamiya Wants Virtual Console & Joy-Con With D-Pad Or May Lose Motivation For Bayonetta 3

Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games is no stranger to controversy or harsh messages on Twitter. He frequently speaks his mind, something we often don’t see from someone in his position. Today he proclaimed the frustration of many Switch owners by declaring:


If you don’t announce Virtual console and new Joy-Con with cross shape d-pad, we may lose motivation for developing Bayo 3. Understand, Ninty?


Now, of course he could just be teasing Nintendo with this tweet, but it does probably come from a place of truth. We know we’ve been wanting Virtual Console and alternate Joy-Cons for a long time and hopefully Nintendo will finally reveal some details soon. Threatening to “lose motivation” for Bayonetta 3 is an odd way to push an agenda though!



Craig Majaski

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