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New Patents Filed By Nintendo Show Off Bongos & Keyboard For Switch

The intrepid folks at RestEra forums have drudged up some new patents that show off new accessories for the Nintendo Switch. They include the DK bongos that came out for the Nintendo GameCube and a keyboard. Of course this immediately begs the question: Is Donkey Konga (or Jungle Beat or Barrel Blast) coming to the Nintendo Switch? Would it be a brand new game or does this give us a brief glimmer of hope for GameCube Virtual Console? As is many times the case with these types of findings, we have more questions than answers.

The keyboard is interesting because if we look back at the other times keyboards have come to Nintendo consoles we fall back on games like Phantasy Star Online and Animal Crossing. Both of which I’d love to see on the Switch. As always, remember that just because a patent exists doesn’t confirm the product will be released. Still, it’s always fun to see what Nintendo’s cooking up.


[Source: ResetEra]


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