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Mr. Koizumi once again hosted today’s Nintendo Direct. He had lots of information to share, and the 3DS was up first.

WarioWare is back on 3DS! It’s called WarioWare Gold and it includes 300 microgames to enjoy. It uses the touchscreen, tilt, and buttons and it’s filled with classic games as well as new ones. This one hits on August 3, 2018.

Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers is also heading to the 3DS. You’ll be able to change your Mii characters into animals. The demo version of the game will be available on May 10. The final game arrives on the eShop on May 24.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey is being revamped for the Nintendo 3DS. It will feature upgraded visuals. This one is one of my favorite in the series – so this is a great fit. Is this the longest game title ever?

Detective Pikachu got a shout-out on the Direct as well. It gave us a first listen to Detective Pikachu’s American voice. This one looks pretty funny. It arrives on March 23.

Oh wow. So Luigi’s Mansion (GameCube) is being remade for the 3DS! This one is unexpected. Let’s hope it utilizes the stereoscopic 3D. The map is on the bottom screen and there’s a new boss-rush mode. This one arrives this year.

Let’s move to the Switch!

Kirby Star Allies, despite arriving next week, got a new video. This one focused on his friends and who can be played in the final game. New characters are coming via free DLC after the game launches on March 16.

Okami HD is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. This one makes perfect sense for the Switch system. You can use touchscreen control in handheld mode or the Joy-Con motion controls in TV mode. The choice is up to you. This one comes out this summer.

As we reported earlier in the day, Sushi Striker is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. This was originally shown on the 3DS at last year’s E3. This one comes out for both systems in June.

Project Octopath Traveler was shown again for the Switch. Two new characters were shown. One can buy items from characters, the other can heal various villagers throughout the world. The game comes out July 13, 2018! Also they’ve dropped “Project” from the game’s title. A special edition will be available the same day as the regular edition as well. The final name is Octopath Traveler.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes showed off some of the seven in-game video game titles. The game appears to be more zoomed out and overhead versus prior games in the series. This one looks really stylized with lots of neon colors. This one is exclusive to Switch this year.

Dark Souls Remastered will utilize amiibo. We got to see actual in-game visuals this time around. A network test will be made available before launch – so watch for that. Solaire amiibo will be at launch on May 25.

Mario Tennis Aces got the spotlight treatment in this Direct. More than 15 different playable characters with 4 player action on one console. The all-new Zone Shot allows you to pinpoint any spot with motion controls to aim the ball. Rackets can take damage against those types of shots – 3 times and your racket breaks. Return the shot with perfect timing and you’ll block it with your racket. Zone Speed allows you to slowdown time to return hard Zone Shots. These must be filled up via a gauge. Special Shot can be used when you fill up your gauge. Can turn the tide of battle! You can also play using simple rules where no power-ups are used. 4 player multiplayer is also available online as well as online tournaments. You can earn special in-game outfits and characters by participating. Motion controls for racket is also available if you like. Seems like a lot of features are packed in – great! This one arrives on June 22, 2018. There will be a pre-launch online tournament for free – details coming soon.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is coming to the Nintendo Switch! This one is a really awesome game. Some Odyssey levels are pack in as well. New Donk City is in the game. The Switch version can be played with a friend – the second player can throw turnips at enemies. A 3DS version is also coming. Both arrive on July 13.

Undertale is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Eventually.

Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy is coming to the Nintendo Switch! The original Crash games arrive for the first time on a Nintendo console. This one arrives on July 10.

Little Nightmares: Complete Edition is still making its way to the Switch. This contains 2 haunting tales in one package. Pac-Man amiibo can be tapped for a special mask when the game launches on May 18.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is also coming to the Switch. This one had been rumored for months, and now it’s finally a reality. All past DLC will be made available individually or via a season pass. This one comes out soon: April 24!

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition gets a release date. And…drumroll…will arrive on May 18.

ARMS US & Canada Online Open from March 8 – 18. The online finals take place on March 31. 3-day test punch starts on March 31 to play for free.

Splatoon 2 gets upgraded to version 3.0 – coming in late April. Over 100 pieces of new gear will be included in this update. Three new stages will also make it into the game. A new Rank X is also being added – higher than S+ – so time to get good! Octo Expansion has been announced. Hefty new single player mode. You’ll play as Agent 8 who looks like an Octoling. This comes out during this summer for $19.99.

And that’s a wrap! Oh wait, one more announcement.

Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Switch in 2018. Is it a remake? A new one? What? Who knows….but it showed off the Inklings as being fighters. Looks new to me. We shall find out soon – it’s on the way this year.


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