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Layers Of Fear: Legacy 15% Off

The Switch has been quickly building up its library of horror games, and one of the better ones on the console is Layers of Fear: Legacy. If you haven’t purchased the game just yet, you can snag a 15% discount right now in the eShop (April 5 – April 22). Check out our full review of the game right here.


Learn the dark story of a painter engulfed in madness striving to create his Magnum Opus. Gather together the carefully crafted personal items that can be found throughout the game. Traverse the vision-induced, constantly changing house full of supernatural phenomena, where each move of the camera can shift the environment, and discover the true motive of the artist.

You can now experience this unique horror game for only $16.99 as Layers of Fear: Legacy is available with 15% off in the Nintendo eShop ( between April 5th and 22nd.

Still considering your purchase? Watch the latest Nintendo Switch trailer HERE to see what the game has to offer.

Aside from the European and North American launches, Layers of Fear: Legacy has also successfully launched in Asia, where the game immediately jumped into the Top 15 Best Switch Games and still remains one of the top sellers.


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