Etrian Odyssey X Announced For 3DS In Japan

One of the more celebrated 3DS JRPGs is getting another installment. Etrian Odyssey X (Cross, not 10) has been announced for a Japanese release. It’s hitting on August 2, 2018 over there, but no word yet if it will make its way to western shores. We’re betting it will eventually come over, since Atlus has been fantastic at bringing over the other entries in the series.



It appears the new game will be crossing over with the previous ones, taking bits and pieces from each and remixing them into a new experience. Some details, courtesy of ResetEra on the new game include:


At least 19 classes are in the game:

  • Protector (EO1)
  • Medic (EO1)
  • Survivalist (EO1)
  • Ronin (EO1)
  • War Magus (EO2)
  • Gunner (EO2)
  • Prince/Princess/Sovereign (EO3)
  • Zodiac (EO3)
  • Shogun (EO3)
  • Farmer (EO3)
  • Landsknecht (EO4)
  • Nightseeker (EO4)
  • Arcanist (EO4)
  • Imperial (EO4)
  • Highlander (EO1U)
  • Pugilist (EO5)
  • Harbinger (EO5)
  • Hero (New)

Some details I managed to pick up:

  • Four difficulty settings: Picnic, Basic, Expert, and Heroic

  • The character creator from V returns, and you can use it on the portraits from the older games.

  • There’s a mix of old and new enemies. The old ones shown so far have all been from Etrian III, none of which have had 3D models until this point.

  • There’s voice acting for the characters and NPCs

  • NPCs from previous games return

  • Game looks like it uses the Force Boost/Break system from Etrian 2 Untold

  • The game uses an overworld map, similar to Chrono Trigger

  • DLC will be available for class portraits by guest illustrators. Those are Shigatake, Yuki Takahata, Shigenori Soejima (Persona), Mota (7th Dragon), and Shirow Miwa (7th Dragon 2020)

  • Game uses updated menu design from Etrian V

  • Game’s logo is styled after the ones in I–IV instead of the one in V. Maybe they’re signaling this is a return to the style of the older entries?


[Source: ResetEra]


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