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Mario Tennis Aces Speedster & Tricky Character Types

The Nintendo Treehouse Log has updated with some new information on the Speedster and Tricky character types in Mario Tennis Aces. The game is due out on June 22!

The Speedy characters include Toad and Yoshi. Keep in mind that more character can be unlocked in the game, meaning there could be more that fall into this category.



Speedy characters pack a lot of agility in their small bodies. They can cover the court in a very short amount of time, which helps when you are up against an opponent you aren’t used to playing, and not sure where they tend to send their shots. In a game like Mario Tennis Aces, in which there are lots of potential moves your opponent can make, a Speedy character is handy for reacting to anything your rivals might throw at you. Thanks to the new Zone Speed mechanic, which lets you expend Energy to move lightning-fast, there isn’t an area of the court that these characters can’t reach!

One of the ways you can offset these characters’ speed is by nailing the timing for Nice serves (a serve hit when the ball is at its highest point in a throw) or executing a smash: these shots are able to knock their opponents back a bit, and Toad and Yoshi tend to be particularly affected by knockback due to their smaller sizes.



The Tricky characters revealed thus far are Rosalina and Boo.



Tricky characters throw lots of curve balls. Literally. All of their shots have a bit of a curve to them, which makes their trajectory hard for their opponents to predict.

Slices already are quite bendy, so if you execute slices as Tricky characters, they now have the potential to circle right around an opponent, in almost a 90-degree angle! Tricky characters are super frustrating to play against, but super fun to play as… Trip up your opponents with your unpredictable shots.

Your rivals might use Trick Shots to catch up to a ball you’re hitting away from them, so be ready for anything! Also, be mindful of rallying head-to-head with other characters, as Tricky characters hit shots with slower ball speeds.



[Source: Nintendo Treehouse Log]


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