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The Way Remastered Has Game-Breaking Bug; Here’s How To Get Past It

The Way Remastered launched on the Nintendo eShop today and unfortunately it contains a game-breaking bug. In fact, this is the bug that did us in during our review (which hasn’t yet been posted due to this setback). Right now the bug crashes the game if a certain boss isn’t defeated in under 2.5 minutes, and on top of that it deletes all of your save data! It was extremely frustrating to have to start the game over from scratch, but the good news is that a patch has been submitted and it should be fixed soon. In the meantime, you can still buy the game and play it, but just follow the instructions below to avoid the glitch.


After about 2h of playing, during second boss fight, the game might crash and erase your whole save data. The patch for the issue (and a couple others) is already submitted to Nintendo and should be live soon. We’re really sorry, but that’s the best we can do. If you like the game, consider waiting for the patch to fix the issue.

We thought about delaying the release date, but after speaking with Nintendo, we’ve decided that it would be worse, because so many people have already preordered the game. EDIT: After reading some comments I think this phrase needs a clarification. Actually, Nintendo said that it would be next to impossible to delay the release because of preorders. We didn’t want to press them too much.

However, if you already bought the game on pre-purchase (or don’t want to wait for the patch and play it right away), you have to follow instructions below:


  • the game crashes after second chase, when you have to figure out how to kill the boss,

  • because data saving occurs during closing the game – if you didn’t do it previously – you will lose your save,

  • to ensure that you don’t lose your save, close the game during second chase sequence to save the game

Killing the boss (see image below):

  • you have to kill the boss within 2 minutes 30 seconds, otherwise the game will crash

  • (1) collect the sphere in the center of arena, cutscene will play,

  • (2) go to terminal on upper left and use sphere (ZR)

  • (arrows) use ladder to go underground via newly opened shaft,

  • (3 – 4) watch out for the enemy’s paws, use sphere on underground consoles on far-left and far-right,

  • (5) go back up, use sphere on upper-left terminal to close the shaft, then (6) on upper-middle terminal to pour water, finally: (7) use upper-right terminal to open electricity circuit and kill the boss

  • congratulations, you evaded a game crash!



[Source: Reddit]


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