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Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition Coming To Switch This Summer

If we flashback to the ’90s there was a string of full-motion video (FMV) games that came out for the Sega CD. One of them was Night Trap, which received attention thanks to its more mature content. Not only was it dealing with bloodsucking vampires, but also a bunch of young girls running around in their nightgowns. Nintendo blasted the game in front of a Senate hearing showing off its violence and sexualized content.

Fast-forward to today and now we get confirmation that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, both on cartridge and via the eShop. Limited Run Games will be handling the physical release, which means you most likely won’t see it sitting on retailer shelves, but instead will need to order it through them. Night Trap: 25th Anniversary is slated for release sometime this summer.

I have fond memories playing through the entire game on my launch day Sega CD. While it is by no means a great game, the B-movie acting and crazy story have stayed with me all of these years later.


Craig Majaski

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