NES Classic Edition Returns To Retail On June 29

We’ve got some fantastic news for those of you still searching for the NES Classic Edition! Nintendo has finally revealed that the system will begin reshipping to retailers this summer. In fact, stores should begin receiving shipments on June 29, 2018.

If you recall, when it launched two years ago the NES Classic Edition was in extremely short supply. In fact, Nintendo vastly underestimated demand for their mini console and as such many gamers who wanted one were left paying higher prices or shut out altogether. Luckily that’s about to end.

According to Nintendo both the NES Classic Edition and Super NES Classic Edition will continue to be sold at stores through the end of the year. However, we do realize that it could still be tricky tracking one down, especially as we enter the busy holiday season later in the year. So, if you see one on store shelves, don’t hesitate to snap it up while you can.

No word yet from Nintendo if there will be a big supply of NES controllers to go along with it. The system only comes packed with one.



Craig Majaski

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