Rumor: Retro Studios Working On Star Fox Racing Game

We’ve all been wondering what Retro Studios has been working on since they wrapped up on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the Wii U about four years ago. We know they were involved in the recent Switch port, but surely that didn’t take the entire staff four years.

Well, as E3 approaches we have yet another rumor. Take this one with a hefty dose of skepticism, but it has gained traction and we felt it deserved some attention. If Reddit and 4chan are to be believed (and sometimes they do get it right), then Retro Studios has been busy working on a new Star Fox racing game. Yes, you read that right, a Star Fox racing game.

According to the Reddit user DasVergeben, the game will be “like Diddy Kong Racing mixed with F-Zero. It will have an adventure mode of some kind and there will be some boss fights and a hub world…It is called Star Fox Grand Prix“.

The supposed logo conveniently leaked later on 4chan. Again, this is by no means confirmation of any sort, and in fact is a little suspicious that the logo shows up after the Reddit leak:



Really the only things that lead credence to this rumor is that major sites like Eurogamer have heard similar rumors from their sources. Keep in mind that many rumors never come true (where are my GameCube Virtual Console games?), but occasionally they’re right on the money (Mario + Rabbids).

Of course if this does end up being true, it’s way too early to make any judgment on the game since we haven’t even seen it yet. The internet will be the internet and react negatively to every single thing, but we’ll take a wait and see approach. The concept certainly sounds entertaining and Retro has helped out with the Mario Kart series for some time, so it would make sense they might want to create their own racer. Luckily E3 is next month so we don’t have to wait too long to find out more!


Craig Majaski

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