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Super NES Inspired RPG Shadows Of Adam Coming To Switch

Shadows of Adam released last year on Steam and is now getting a Nintendo Switch iteration sometime in the (near?) future. Circle Entertainment announced that they are teaming up with Something Classic Games to bring the RPG to Nintendo’s hybrid. Check out the launch trailer for the PC version and some facts from the official site:



An outcast with a fearful power ventures out into the unknown world to save her father and herself.

Shadows of Adam is a unique take on a classic genre. A retro jRPG built for the modern era.


  • 16-bit JRPG glory with a modern design
  • 10-12 hours of gameplay (12-14 if you never figure out how to run)
  • Delicious graphics (consume raw at your own risk)
  • A deep, character-driven story with lots of humor
  • Blazing fast battles that will set your pants on fire
  • No random battles. Monsters are on screen, waiting for you to thrash them!
  • Four playable heroes with unique skills
  • Save anywhere! (In case you get the sudden urge to start replaying Final Fantasy VI.)
  • Inspired music you will find yourself humming twenty years from now


  • Suplex dragons

  • Revel with clean freak pirates

  • Sneak past gambling addicted guards

  • Learn novel new swear words

  • Sample strawberry flavored potions

  • Evade taxes at a booming black market

  • Deface ancient graves

  • Run from the cabbage lady

  • Eat the mushroom sauce of a lunatic witch (with a fork)

  • Stomp through an old man’s house in the middle of the godforsaken night

  • Why are you still reading this? Get the game!


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