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Mushroom Wars 2 Goes To War On Switch On July 5

Mushroom Wars 2 is fighting its way onto the Switch this July 5, 2018. The title marks one of the first real-time strategy games to hit the system. With over 90 multiplayer maps and cross-platform online play, this one could keep you busy all summer long!



No longer relegated to the likes of cream soups and vegetarian meat substitutes, these Mushrooms are geared up for mortal combat! Mushroom Wars 2, the sequel to the hit, real-time strategy game from Zillion Whales, is heading to the Nintendo Switch on July 5th, 2018!

Mushroom Wars 2 is the first true real-time strategy experience available for the portable gaming console, and its short, fast-paced matches are perfect for gaming on the go. Players can lounge outside in the springtime air while simultaneously conquering over 90 multiplayer mapswith the Switch’s portable capability. Mushroom Wars 2 is cross-platform compatible with the previously released versions; With over 1.8 million players worldwide, easy match-ups are but a button press away!

To celebrate the launch on Switch, Zillion Whales has put together a battle-inspiring new trailer starring a stalwart, fungi commander-in-arms, sure to motivate troops to pick up their arms (and in this case, consoles)!

Watch the Nintendo Switch trailer for Mushroom Wars 2 on YouTube:

Key Features

  • Short-session RTS battles with thousands of Mushroom troops

  • Wild cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for up to 4 players, including 2v2

  • Story-driven single-player campaign complete with boss battles

  • Fierce hero characters who can turn the tide of battle with special skills

  • A large variety of map configurations and modifiers to keep aspiring Commanders on their toes

  • Built-in leagues, ranked matches, replay feature, and spectator mode make it easy to enter the competitive scene


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