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Doughlings: Arcade Channels Breakout & Arkanoid

Doughlings: Arcade has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. It features old-school gameplay mechanics, like those seen in Breakout, Alleyway, and Arkanoid. The game is scheduled for a second quarter launch (so before the end of June). Here’s a trailer and PR to shed more light:



Doughlings brings unique gameplay mechanics through its interesting characters and the world while combining together the best that all known Arkanoid games have to offer, polished with a modern look and design.


• Classic breakout gameplay with new mechanics.
• 7 different characters with unique superpowers.
• Special abilities to unlock for each character to help you along your journey.
• 90 levels to play and challenge your skills.
• Lots of different targets to face and destroy.
• Create your own levels with the level editor.
• Dozens of achievements to complete.
• Official soundtrack created by Başar Ünder


Craig Majaski

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