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Super Mario Party Rolls Onto Switch On October 5

I have a love-hate relationship with the Mario Party series. I think they can be absolutely fantastic in the right setting with a group of friends. However, there hasn’t been a good Mario Party game since the Wii, and before that they were hit and miss.

With Super Mario Party coming to the Switch, it looks like Nintendo has taken some of the criticisms to heart. They have removed the awful car mechanic from the prior two games, where everyone had to ride across the board together. Thankfully we each can once again move our own character (thank you very much).

Also new to the series are some new modes, including Toad’s Rec Room. This allows you to play the game with two Switch systems for Table Top mode. In the official trailer below, you can see the group of players putting their Switches flat on the table and then creating one big play area utilizing both Switch screens! How cool is that?

It’s obvious Nintendo is spending some extra time with this one. The graphics have been overhauled and the characters look better than ever. There’s some nice lighting in place and the overall presentation is higher than we’ve ever seen with this series. I doubt the game is online enabled in any way (they didn’t specify), even though many would like it to be. Still, even if it’s only in-person multiplayer – this one’s looking might good!






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