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Yoshi Confirmed As Being Delayed Until Next Year

Suddenly 2019 is looking better for releases with Fire Emblem: Three Houses getting delayed and both Metroid Prime 4 and Yoshi skipping this year’s E3. Granted, we don’t know for sure any of those games will actually come out next year (anything can be delayed), but here’s hoping.

We speculated yesterday that Yoshi was pushed back to 2019 due to its no-show at E3 and also some UK listings showing the 2019 date as well. Now Polygon has talked with Reggie and it’s confirmed to still be in development and won’t be coming out this year:


Nintendo of America president and chief operating officer Reggie Fils-Aime told Polygon during an interview at E3 today that Yoshi for Nintendo Switch “continues to be in development making great progress.”


So, there you have it. While fans of Pokémon and Smash Bros. are no doubt filled with excitement and have a great fall to look forward to, nearly all of the games I was most excited for on the Switch have been delayed. I can’t help but be disappointed.


Craig Majaski

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