Arcade Donkey Kong Now On Switch eShop, Plus Sky Skipper Coming In July

Nintendo fans have waited a long time for the arcade version of Donkey Kong to be made for a home system. For those not in the know, the NES version of the game was missing the Cement Factory level, making it an incomplete game. Plus, the arcade featured slightly enhanced graphics and sounds.

Nintendo Switch owners don’t have to wait any longer to play the arcade port. It’s now available as part of the Arcade Archives collection from Hamster. It runs $7.99 and includes three versions of Donkey Kong: the original Japanese arcade game, an updated version that fixed some bugs, and the international version, which remixed the stage order. The game takes up a mere 76MB of storage.



Perhaps even more exciting is the news that Sky Skipper is heading to the Switch next month. This arcade game released back in 1981 in Japan, but never made its way to the U.S. as a wide release. It was test marketed, but apparently didn’t perform up to expectations. The developers used the original arcade ROMs to create this accurate port for the Switch.



In a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to preserve video games, it’s great to see Hamster put so much work into reviving these arcade classics. We can’t wait to finally give Sky Skipper a try!



Craig Majaski

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