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Mario + Rabbids Donkey Kong DLC Is Quite Substantial

We’ve known about the Donkey Kong expansion for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for quite some time now. It seems to have been in development for quite some time and now we know why: it’s huge! In fact the game contains 20 minutes of cinema scenes (the main game had 27) and this new world is the size of two normal worlds from the main game. In all there’s about 10 hours of gameplay here. Davide Soliani, creative director of the game had this to say:


We reprioritised ourselves. It was going to be a small experience, two to three hours, one world. But in the end, it is almost half of the main game. In the main game you have 27 minutes of cinematics. DK has 20. In the main game you have four worlds, this is one but it is as big as two. It’s 10 hours of gameplay. We’ve put everything in – all our passion.

We still have loads of ideas. We used one tenth of the ideas. But now the DLC is done… what I can say is we are working out, for the future… [pauses] who knows!… We need time to work on something which makes sense. We are taking that time to see how it goes. You need time to think what you can do to bring something new for players.


This expansion is included in the expansion pass, which you can purchase below for $19.99. Will you be picking it up?




[Source: Eurogamer]


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