NES Classic Edition Finally Coming Back To Retail Next Week

It’s no secret that Nintendo vastly underestimated demand for the NES Classic Edition when it launched 1.5 years ago. Making matters worse they discontinued the product despite there still being very real demand for it. Now it’s finally coming back to store shelves next week on June 29.

GameStop will have at least 10 per store with additional units on their retail site. The system will run the same amount as before: $59.99. It comes pre-loaded with 30 classic games and one controller. We haven’t heard if stores will have extra controllers on hand for the relaunch or not.



Unlike most items at its stores, GameStop is not taking preorders for the NES Classic Edition. So, it will be first come first served. You may want to partner up with your local store next week to see what time they recommend you get there. While we’ve heard Nintendo will have way more supply of the system this time around, demand is still very high and it could still prove to be a difficult item to just walk into a store and purchase, especially if you wait too long.

Other retailers like Walmart and Target are also carrying the device, so be sure to check around if you strike out elsewhere. Good luck!



[Source: GameSpot]


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