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Return Of Double Dragon Comes To The SNES (Yes The SNES) On August 21

We here at Nintendo Times are pros at covering the world of Nintendo 30 years ago today via our Warp Zone section. As our readers no doubt already know, we cover Nintendo in real-time with classic reviews and actual articles and news from that era.

That’s why it’s such a crazy and wild thing that Return of Double Dragon is actually being released in 2018 for the Super Nintendo! This 16-bit cartridge never made its way over from Japan, but that’s all about to change on August 21. Retroism (a division of Tommo) is set to release the new game. But, what exactly is it?

Return of Double Dragon is the enhanced version of Super Double Dragon, which was only released in Japan after the original US version and contains many changes. This new cart will be fully playable in English for the first time. It’s an officially licensed ROM, obtained from and approved by the original makers, not an emulated version of the game. The game will come in a classic looking Super NES game box and the first run will contain a special red cartridge.

The game is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. It will run $49.99 and surely become a collector’s item.



The game is exactly like it was in Japan at release:
-7 stages of pure action
-Two distinctly different heroes with unique moves not found in the US version.
-Over 30 types of special moves
-Rearranged soundtrack unique to Japanese version
-A variety of weapons to pick up and use
-Extra stages not found in the US version.
-Co-op play where a second player can drop in anytime!


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