Sanrio Characters Picross Hits 3DS This Week

The Picross series has remained one of my all-time favorite puzzlers for over a decade now. They’re always fun to pick up and play and I love trying to figure out what picture I’m making as the puzzle unfolds.

Jupiter, the makers of the prior games, has a new version coming to the 3DS eShop this Thursday: Sanrio Characters Picross. For those who don’t know what IP that is, it’s the same company that puts out Hello Kitty, among many other characters. The game will be the usual $7.99 and includes a variety of modes, including the standard Picross as well as the Mega Picross puzzles that span several screens. This time around you can earn cute stickers to decorate your screen or use them on backgrounds in the game. Check out the Japanese trailer for the game below!



Craig Majaski

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