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Stop The Alien Invasion With Superhuman Flight In Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall released earlier on PS4 and PSVR and is now flying on over to the Nintendo Switch. It arrives on August 9 and puts you as a sort of a Superman, an invincible superhero that can fly around the city in hopes of stopping an alien invasion. You don’t have a health bar, but the city does and if too many buildings or people are destroyed it’s game over! Check out the trailer, which shows off the game on the PC. Keep in mind that while the Switch version will look a little less pretty, the developers are promising it will feature procedurally generated destruction effects at 60 fps even in handheld mode. Not too shabby!



Megaton Rainfall has been around for 9 months, selling almost 100000 units (which is 5X our naively humble sales target), with its unique First Person Superhero Action and its outstanding soundtrack by the now BAFTA-winner David García.

And now it’s coming to Xbox One (Sep/5), Nintendo Switch (Aug/9), Oculus Store (Aug/9) and SteamVR (Aug/9).

All the ports are powered by our propietary engine and have been carefully implemented to get the most from each platform. Xbox One X users will get 4K support, the Switch will move the procedural destruction effects at 60 fps even in handheld mode, and the VR versions will get all-new gesture controls (flying and shooting energy blasts never felt so physical)… Including PlayStation Move (yes, we’ll also launch a patch in late August supporting it).

We’ll also add a (much wanted by our community) Free Roam mode to all versions.

And that’s all about Megaton. It has been a pleasure to develop and succeed with this game, and we want to thank all our fans for their support. But after this update, on September we’ll move on to our next project.


Craig Majaski

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