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Hori Bringing Left Joy-Con With D-Pad To North America In September

One of the things lacking when it comes to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers is the absence of a traditional d-pad. In order to make the Joy-Cons work as traditional controllers when separated, Nintendo had to make that concession. Hori is about to right that wrong, but with a plethora of shortcomings it may not be worth it.



With the huge amount of indie software available for the Switch, many of which are throwbacks to the glory days of 8 and 16-bit gaming, it’s understandable that some gamers are frustrated by the lack of a d-pad on the left Joy-Con. Hori is putting out a $24.99 controller that will solve this issue, but it only works when attached to the Switch itself. In other words, you can only utilize this special Joy-Con in handheld mode. That’s presumably because the company wanted to cut costs and release it at an affordable price (Nintendo’s Left Joy-Con sells for $49.99 separately).

Hori’s Joy-Con loses the wireless functionality. It also eliminates the NFC scanner. On top of that, there’s no HD Rumble. Oh, and no gyro either! So, as you can imagine, this Joy-Con will really only be useful for many of the indie titles out there and will be useless for games that require those missing functions. When you combine all of that and the fact that you can’t play your Switch on the TV with this Joy-Con, the product becomes a lot less appealing. We’re sure some people will be fine with it, but we’re definitely going to hold out for a better solution.


[Source: IGN]


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