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Is The Bravely Series Coming To The Switch?

Last week Nintendo tweeted out a thank you to everyone who purchased Octopath Traveler since it sold over 1 million units. Interestingly enough, the drawing that accompanied that tweet has been used again this week by the official Bravely Twitter account at Square Enix. Except this time the drawing is from a different angle and produces a shadow of a fairy from the Bravely series.




According to Perfectly Nintendo, this Japanese tweet translates into:


We’ve already announced it, but…

\Octopath Traveler, 1 million units shipped! /

Thank you!

Now, now…

Please look forward to the next Square-Enix 11 BD game(s) m_ _m


The official Bravely Twitter account has also changed its name to Bravely ◯◯◯◯◯, suggesting that possibly a new sequel or remake is in the works. Will the series continue on the 3DS, or make the jump to Switch? We have to believe they’d probably be working on Switch at this point, especially after the huge success of Octopath Traveler. Hopefully we’ll know more soon!


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