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Ikari Warriors Trilogy Arrives On SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 13, 2018. It will include a bunch of games from SNK’s past. If a game appeared in the arcade and the NES, both versions will be included! Check out the new trailer for Ikari Warriors, Victory Road, and Ikari III games below:




Shoot-em-ups were all the rage in ’80s, and in 1986, SNK launched Ikari Warriors, a game that took guerrilla carnage to a new level of lunacy! In this game, the player assumed the roles of two muscly men named Ralf Jones and Clark Steel (King of Fighters, anyone?), who were blasting and mowing down enemy forces in a South American jungle to save their commanding officer. 

After the success of Ikari Warriors, there were two more entries in the series that took Ralf and Clark on further adventures, Victory Road (1988) and Ikari III: The Rescue (1990). Each of these titles brought a unique focus to the gameplay. Victory Road focused on the use of guns and explosives, while Ikari III: The Rescue brought more attention to hand-to-hand combat.  

The original run ‘n’ gun series returns! Before you knew them as Ralf and Clark in the King of Fighters series, they were the brutal commandos of Ikari Warriors (Ikari in Japan). Whether it was the jungles of the original Ikari Warriors, the alien worlds of Victory Road, or the intense hand-to-hand combat of Ikari III: The Rescue, it’s the ultimate collection of Ikari all in one collection!

The arcade comes home in this amazing collections from the earliest titles in SNK’s illustrious catalog. Celebrating 40 years of titles that changed the landscape of arcade and console libraries across the world, available for the first time in one collection!

Pixel-perfect and chocked full of special features like saving anywhere and rewind, all with an enormous gallery of rare and detailed production notes and materials. Take the arcade with you wherever you go with the definitive early SNK arcade collection!


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