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The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition Sprouts This Fall

Let’s face it, many of us hate eating our vegetables. Soon there will be a game where you can blow them to smithereens! The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition combines the fast and furious gameplay of Smash TV with a host of zombie vegetables just begging to be taken out back and killed. It’s definitely a wacky action game that looks just zany enough that it might be fun! Check out the trailer and PR below:




Merge, an independent video game publisher and distributor, and Still Running, a Finnish indie game studio, are delighted to announce The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition, a mad-cap, top-down 80s shooter, coming to PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this fall.

A twin-stick shooter, The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition sees players battling mutated zombie fruit and veg. Armed initially with a simple pistol, players can upgrade their arsenal with a myriad of weapons and gadgets they uncover as they take on the lethal legumes.

Journeying between cities players experience double the fire-power by buddying-up with a friend. To save mankind, players will need to defeat end of level vegetable kingpins before progressing to the vegetable-ridden alien headquarters and the formidable mothership.  

The game’s content is OVERFLOWING! A single playthrough merely scratches the surface on what The Walking Vegetables has to offer. Randomized buildings, sections, enemies, bosses, weapons and items will make every game a completely unique experience. Combine this with the abundance of achievable skills and unlockable goodies and you are guaranteed to stay engaged and entertained for a loooong time!

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition is set for digital release on PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this fall.



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