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Battle Princess Madelyn Delayed Yet Again For Switch

Battle Princess Madelyn has been delayed again for the Nintendo Switch. Updated patches are waiting on approval from Nintendo and the developer hopes to have the game released later this month. We have been playing the review copy and there are some serious issues with the adventure mode in the game, so it’s probably for the best the team takes the time to try and fix a few things. As a result our review will be held until we are able to play the finalized version and give it a fair shake.


Unfortunatelythe delay for Switch (and PS4 (NA)) was unavoidable, but these extra weeks have resulted in superb feedback from some top gaming media, and experts, which means some new and exciting additions to the game will occur over the next month via patches updated through all the stores.

Some gamers, although loving the game, have been frustrated by certain strategies in what is an ‘old school’ concept. As such a help and hints system patch will be available shortly to aid the player. We have been totally transparent throughout and hope gamers will continue to feed us information.

Due to the length of time it takes to get patches through the different publishers, we hope that the Switch version will be out very soon. We will ensure that all of the bug fixes and changes we took in from feedback are in the game on launch. Thank you for your understanding

Christopher Obritsch – Causal Bit Games.


Craig Majaski

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