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Super Inefficient Golf Review

Walking the greens, driving the golf carts, throwing back a few brews with friends, enjoying nature (and paying outrageous prices to do so) are all things I think of when someone utters the word golf to me. I’ll be sure to add “carefully placed and timed explosive devices” to that list after playing Super Inefficient Golf. There have been quite a few golf games I have enjoyed over the years from the Mario Golf series to Golf Story on the Switch. I even like to swing the clubs for real. With seriously huge gaps between playing. You know, to keep it fresh. It might be that I really don’t play well. Either way, golf can be fun.



The idea of SIG is to place bombs or blasting caps on your golf ball to launch it toward the cup. Beyond the first couple of blasts, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether anything you have placed is going to help or hinder your cause. That just adds to the chaos which, in turn, adds to the fun. There isn’t much depth of gameplay here. Set the bombs, ignite the bombs, and get the ball in the hole. I would classify the as an action-puzzle game in that you can set your bombs to specific sides of the ball. Each button (A, B, X, Y) gives you a different bomb to set off when pushing the corresponding one. That way you can place bombs on top of bombs and set them off in progression. You do have to remember the order in which you placed them. For example, if you place a bomb on the ball with the A button and then put one on top of that with the B button, then you set off the A button bomb first, your B button bomb will just go bye-bye.

The graphics are more than good enough for this simple mini golf game and fit the bill for a game that fits under the $10 cap. Each hole has a distinct look to it. The course design gradually increases in challenge as you progress through them. The first hole is simply to put enough bombs on the ball to get it to roll in a straight line without launching it into the troposphere. There will be holes where you need to launch the ball high into the air to get over walls. Some of the obstacles get downright diabolical, but I think any situation can be corrected with enough explosives.



The music isn’t annoying and doesn’t add to nor detract from the experience of putting balls in holes. Imagine, if you will, Danny Elfman making music for a low budget animated TV show. That’s kind of what this reminded me of.

The most frustrating part of SIG is how long it takes for the ball to stop rolling and after you have spent all your bombs. It’s nice to have the slower movement while you have bombs to detonate, but once you have no control you still just sit there and watch as your ball slowly creeps its way to a complete stop.



I would think there would be a way to plan an attack far enough ahead to get a hole in one on pretty much every board given my mantra earlier about any situation being corrected with enough explosives. If you place enough charges around your ball and can keep it in the air, you have a pretty fair chance of maneuvering around the course to at least get close to the cup. Once the ball hits the ground, as it should, it starts to spin thanks to friction and all that jazz. You can become pretty inventive with how to sink the balls into the holes and this can be a good time waster while you’re waiting at the hair salon to get that magic new hairdo to wow all the people you want to impress.



Super Inefficient Golf Review
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While not a ‘drop the mic’ action puzzle experience, Super Inefficient Golf is a fun and unique game that will entertain you for at least 4 hours before you may start to get a little bored with it. The game gives you a ball, a hole, and a bunch of charges. The fun may need to be supplied by you to try things that seem crazy. While there’s nothing here that’s mind blowing or particularly charming, the fact that failure is always an option gives enough reason to stick with it through a full course.


Jay Kittelson

Jay has been an avid gamer since the Intellivision days.  His hobbies include building PCs, 3D modeling and printing, and spending time with his children and dog.

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