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Forager Announced For Nintendo Switch

Featured on today’s Indie video, Forager is a top-down adventure game that includes crafting, building, and more. This one could be something special when it arrives this year on the Switch!




Forager is an open world, adventure and exploration game inspired by The Legend of Zelda and more modern titles such as Terraria, Stardew Valley & Minecraft.

Players will be able to buy lands to expand and explore a vast world filled with secrets, puzzles, friendly characters and foes. Craft interesting items, build (and defend!) their bases and learn powerful skills and abilities.

The gameplay is filled with interesting progression systems and a really compelling core loop. This is game is hard to put down once you start playing it!

The final release is set to come out in early 2019 and is being published by Humble Bundle.


Craig Majaski

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